Françoise André (1926-2009)

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		Françoise used to say "Art is a thread which stretches from one artist to an artist 
	of the next generation so that creation never stops".
	One could say that in the last 30 years this thread has been stretched tight, 
	almost to breaking point.
	But she knew that the thread never breaks.

		We were both quiet horrified by the turn contemporary painting took these last decades. 
	We knew it couldn't last. What we didn't know was when it will change 
	to something good, to something different.
	Françoise always wondered wether she would live the next art renaissance or not.
	At the end of her life she told me that she probably won't but that I could 
	because I was still young.

		There was an atmosphere of end of the world when we talked about that fortunately 
	interrupted from time to time by her cutting humor.
	She was anxious about what will happen after her. Now that she disapeared from this world, 
	she gave me the enormous responsability to continue art. Not her art but 
	an art obeying to the same philosophy of creation.

©Frederic Hage 2011

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